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DC Boost Inductor

Widely applied in the DC-DC electrical circuit, DC boost inductor is applied for step up the input voltage to a high voltage at output, the voltage increase ratio is up to the load within the circuit.

  • Boost the voltage through electromagnetic conversion and energy storage;
  • Advanced R&D design to guarantee good performance;
  • Protect the electrical device within the circuit by the time to boost the voltage;
  • CE, UL certificated
Increase the voltage

Increase the Voltage according to Requests

According to the principle of Electromagnetic Induction, DC boost inductor store and release the energy to increase the current and voltage, the output voltage depends on the load within the circuit.

Model No. MPR-005
Application Battery Test Systems
Core Material Silicone Steel Core
Winding Material Aluminum foil
Rated Current 300A
Rated Inductance 16mH
Weight 110KG

Q1: What’s the working principle of the DC boost inductor?

A1: The working principle of the DC boost inductor is electromagnetic induction, when the power is turned on, the electricity will turn into magnetism and be stored in the inductor in the form of magnetism. When the power is off, the magnetism will turn into electricity and be released from the inductor. When the circuit is disconnected, the energy in the inductor will be infinitely high. The form of voltage is converted back to electricity, how high the voltage can rise depends only on the breakdown voltage of the medium.

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What is the Role of the DC Boost Inductor?

When need to convert the grid power to DC power, the DC-DC  converter is necessary for the regulation and maintaining the power at the desired value, and DC boost inductor is one of the essential parts in the DC-DC converter system, the DC boost inductor should with the coil itself have some DC resistance.

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