• 125KW Boost Inductor-Front
  • 125KW Boost Inductor-Side
  • 125KW Boost Inductor-Front
  • 125KW Boost Inductor-Side

125KW Boost Inductor

Shinenergy’s 125KW boost inductor is one kind of high-frequency inductor, which is widely applied for the low power but high-frequency environment.

  • Widely applied for the PV inverters
  • The amorphous core could realize the different physical shapes
  • Potted structure for the good moisture resistance
  • CE, UL certificated
Copper Vertical Winding

Copper Wire Vertical Winding

The resistance of the copper wire winding is smaller than that of the aluminum wire winding. For an inductor of the same power, the copper wire winding is smaller than the aluminum wire winding, making the inductor smaller. In addition, the copper wire winding inductor with less power loss than the aluminum wire winding inductor.

Model No. MPR-030
Application PV Inverters
Core Material Sendust core
Winding Material Copper wire vertical winding
Rated Current 30A
Frequency 16KHZ
Static Inductance 0.25mH
Weight 0.52KG
  1. What is a 125KW Boost Inductor?
    • A 125KW boost inductor is a high-power inductor used in electrical circuits to increase (boost) the voltage from a lower level to a higher level, typically in systems handling up to 125 kilowatts of power.
  2. How Does a 125KW Boost Inductor Work?
    • It works by storing energy in a magnetic field when current flows through it, and then releasing this energy to boost the voltage in the circuit as required.
  3. What are the Typical Applications of a 125KW Boost Inductor?
    • These inductors are commonly used in power conversion systems, renewable energy systems like solar or wind power, electric vehicle charging stations, and industrial power supplies.
  4. What are the Key Features of a 125KW Boost Inductor?
    • Key features include high power handling capacity, efficiency in boosting voltage, ability to withstand high currents, and thermal management properties.
  5. How Do You Select a 125KW Boost Inductor for a Specific Application?
    • Selection depends on factors like the required voltage boost, current handling capacity, efficiency, size constraints, and thermal performance.
  6. Are There Different Types of 125KW Boost Inductors?
    • Yes, there are variations in design and materials used, tailored to different applications and performance requirements.
  7. What Materials are Used in Manufacturing 125KW Boost Inductors?
    • They are typically made with high-quality magnetic core materials and copper windings to handle high power levels and efficiency.
  8. How Do Environmental Conditions Affect 125KW Boost Inductors?
    • They must be designed to withstand the operating environment, including temperature extremes, humidity, and potential mechanical stresses.
  9. What Maintenance Do 125KW Boost Inductors Require?
    • They generally require minimal maintenance, but regular inspections for physical damage, overheating, and degradation are important.
  10. Can 125KW Boost Inductors be Customized?
    • Yes, they can often be customized in terms of size, specifications, and performance characteristics to meet specific application needs.
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What are the functions of the 125KW Boost Inductor?

Shinenergy’s 125KW boost inductor is mainly used to store the energy and boost the voltage within the electrical circuit. It also has the general function of the typical inductor, such as removing the harmonic and protecting the devices within the electrical circuit.

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