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Dry Type Transformer Manufacturer

SHINENERGY offers an optimal blend of performance and size with their range of dry-type transformers, designed to meet the diverse needs of various sectors including optical storage, wind power, railway, medical, UPS, and industrial applications.


Advantages of Shinenergy's Dry Type Transformer

Shinenergy’s dry-type transformer including isolation transformer and control transformer, is extensively employed in various high-demand power electronic systems, including high-power solar inverters, high-power wind turbine converters, wind turbine control systems, and auxiliary traction inverters.  Shinenergy’s advantage is the low voltage transformer. Renowned for its stability and reliability, this transformer operates with low noise and minimal losses, making it an ideal choice for these critical applications. Its design ensures efficient performance and longevity even under the demanding conditions typical of these advanced power systems.

Safe and Stable
Shinenergy's dry-type transformers could provide safe and stable operating voltage for variety of electrical devices
Low Noise
Low flux density, selected manufacturing process lead to the low noise of Shinenergy's dry-type transformers
Low Power Loss
High-quality magnetic core and winding material made the Shinenergy's dry-type transformer with the low power loss
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Expert for Dry Type Transformer

With more than 10 years of industrial experience, strict quality control, and insist on using high-quality materials, Shinenergy become the expert for isolation transformers and control transformers (mainly low voltage transformers), especially for renewable energy, energy storage, wind turbines, solar inverter, traction system and so on.

One Stop Service for Dry Type Transformers

From R&D design to delivery, Shinenergy provides a one-stop service to our clients.

R&D Capability for Transformer
R&D Capability
We can design according to the client's requests because we have our own R&D team for isolation and control transformers
Manufacture Service for Transformer
Manufacture Service
We have two factories to manufacture the transformer and inductance, experience crafts and the advanced equipments
We pay more attention to the package so that the product could is in good condition after the long-distance delivery
Delivery for Transformer
We have some long-term cooperated forwarders to provide the stable delivery service, we can make with sea shipping, air shipping and Express
Consulting Service
Consulting Service
With more than 10 years of experience and industrial experts, we provide consulting services from the design to production,
Customized Service
Customized Service
Due to the different application environments, the material, voltage, and efficiency will be different for dry type transformers.

Typical Application of Dry Type Transformer

Shinenergy’s dry type transformer is widely applied in the power electronics industry, playing the role of isolation, voltage transformation, and protection. The typical application includes central and significant power inverter applications, windmill applications, traction applications, data center applications, UPS applications, etc.

Shinenergy's Dry Type Transformers

Shinenergy specializes in the design and production of different kinds of dry-type low voltage transformers which have been widely used in various fields. Combined with finite element methods, digital modeling, and leading high-frequency test platforms, it is guaranteed to provide the optimal and reliable solution the first time to save the necessary time for customer projects. When you talk about the harmonic mitigating transformer, VPI transformer, PV inverter transformer, you can think of dry type transformers, by using forced air/water or nature air as the cooling medium, dry type transformer is safer than oil transformers to some extent.

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