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  • Liz Wire Transformer
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Liz Wire Transformer

Shinenergy’s Liz wire transformer is one kind of dry type transformer with Liz wire winding, 2 sets of secondary voltages, compact and light size, working in the high frequency of 25KHZ.

  • LLC topology
  • Made up of ferrite core and Liz wire
  • The power capacity is 25KVA
  • CE, UL certificated
Advanced Technology

Utilization LLC Topology

Shinenergy’s Liz wire transformer utilization LLC topology, LLC topology adopts zero-voltage switching (ZVS) soft switching technology, which has the advantages of high operating frequency, low loss, high efficiency, and small size, and can increase the power density of the charger. The transformer’s resonant design facilitates soft switching across the entire load spectrum, effectively minimizing switching losses.. Therefore, it becomes an ideal choice for high frequency and high power density design, suitable for fixed voltage output, and has better EMI characteristics.

Advantages of Liz Wire

Liz wire with superior insulation performance, good heat resistance, and a relatively simple process compared with the copper strip. So it could provide the working efficiency of the whole transformer.

Litz wire
Model No. MPR-018
Application Rails
Core Material Ferrite Core
Winding Material Liz Wire
/ LLC Topology
Frequency 25KHZ
Capacity 25KVA
Ratio 4:1:1(500V/125V 125V)
Weight 8KG
  1. What is a Liz Wire Transformer?
    • A Liz wire transformer is a type of electrical transformer that uses litz wire for its windings to minimize power losses at high frequencies.
  2. What is Litz Wire?
    • Litz wire is a specially constructed wire, consisting of many thin wire strands individually insulated and twisted or woven together, used to reduce skin and proximity effect losses in transformers.
  3. What are the Benefits of Using Litz Wire in Transformers?
    • The primary benefit is the reduction in power losses, especially at high frequencies. This leads to increased efficiency and reduced heat generation in the transformer.
  4. Where are Liz Wire Transformers Typically Used?
    • They are commonly used in applications where high-frequency operation is required, such as in switching power supplies, induction heating, and certain types of audio and radio frequency equipment.
  5. How Does a Liz Wire Transformer Differ from a Standard Transformer?
    • The key difference lies in the winding material. Liz wire transformers use litz wire to reduce high-frequency losses, whereas standard transformers typically use solid or standard stranded wire.
  6. Are Liz Wire Transformers More Efficient?
    • Yes, at high frequencies, they are more efficient than standard transformers due to reduced eddy current and skin effect losses.
  7. What Frequencies are Liz Wire Transformers Designed For?
    • They are specifically designed for high-frequency applications, typically above 10 kHz, where conventional wire would suffer from significant power losses.
  8. Can Liz Wire Transformers be Customized for Specific Applications?
    • Yes, manufacturers often customize these transformers to meet the specific frequency and power requirements of different applications.
  9. What Maintenance Do Liz Wire Transformers Require?
    • They require minimal maintenance, similar to standard transformers, but it’s important to ensure that the high-frequency characteristics are maintained over time.
  10. Are Liz Wire Transformers More Expensive than Standard Transformers?
    • Yes, they can be more expensive due to the specialized litz wire and the manufacturing process required to handle it.
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What’s the feature of Shinenergy’s Liz wire transformer?

Shinenergy’s Liz wire transformer has two pcs of secondary windings which could connect the different loads, adopt the Liz wire and ferrite core, with outstanding insulation performance and good temperature rise control, and it’s power loss is less.

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