• Detuning Reactor
  • Detuning Reactor

Detuning Reactor

Shinenergy’s detuning reactor is one type of harmonic filter used to mitigate harmonic distortion and correct the power factor.

  • The detuning reactor is 7%
  • Made up of silicone steel core and copper wire
  • Operated in 50 or 60 Hz
  • CE, UL certificated
Harmonic Current

Avoiding the Harm of Harmonic Current

The non-linear current generated by the extensive use of modern power electronic equipment, and the harmonics generated to affect the power grid and aggravate the pollution of the power grid, and cause serious interference from capacitors, transformers, and transmission equipment. Resonance and voltage distortion can also cause power supply accidents, and the role of the detuning reactor is to improve and avoid the harm of harmonic current.

Excellent Performance

The detuning reactor has low loss and high anti-harmonic ability. High linearity to avoid electromagnetic saturation when overloaded, low noise, easy installation, environmental protection features, long service life, with temperature control protection.

Excellent Performance
Model No. MPR-016
Application Power quality
Core Material Silicone steel core
Winding Material Copper wire
Power 250KVA
Detuned reactor 7%
Voltage 400V
Rated Current 38.8A
Rated Inductance 1.43mH
Frequency 50/60HZ
Weight 16KG

Q1: What’s the meaning of 7% detuned reactor?

A1: It means the reactance is 7% of the capacitor reactance at the fundamental frequency.

Q2: Why need to use a detuning reactor?

A2: The detuning reactor could limit the flow of harmonic current from non-linear loads on the reactor to the fixed impedance loads.

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What are the advantages of detuning reactor?

Shinenergy’s detuning reactor could prevent the harmonic current and voltage from increasing in systems with non-linear loads. Limit the harmonic current flow to the loads. such as capacitors, protect the equipment by preventing overcurrent and heating problems of the transformer.

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