• Harmonic Filter
  • Harmonic Filter

Harmonic Filter

Shinenergy’s harmonic filter¬†is a device capable of filtering harmonics, which can be collectively referred to as a harmonic filter, and its main components are generally filter inductors, filter capacitors, resistors, etc.

  • No additional power supply required
  • A filter circuit composed of a combination design of inductors, capacitors and resistors
  • Available in 50 or 60 Hz
  • CE, UL certificated

Cut Off or Pass a Signal within a Certain Frequency Range

Shinenergy’s harmonic filter could cut off or pass a signal within a certain frequency range, it has the characteristics of simple structure, low cost and high operation reliability.

Devices with Harmonic Filters Can be Used in Any Grid Environment

Devices with harmonic filters can be used in any grid environment because it does not absorb upstream harmonic currents.

Quality test for transformer
Model No. MPR-018
Application Rails
Core Material Silicon steel core
Winding Material Copper Wire
THD <20%
Rated Current 12A
Rated Inductance 5.3mH
Frequency 50/60KHZ
Weight 7.5KG

Q1: What’s the main function of Shinenergy’s harmonic filter?

A1: Shinenergy’s harmonic filter is used to filter out one or more harmonics.

Q2: Where is Shinenergy’s harmonic filter applied?

A2: Shinenergy’s harmonic filter is LC harmonic filter, it is usually applied in the rails, and it can easily filter out AC ripple, so LC harmonic filters are used in the design of AC to DC converters, frequency converters, etc.


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Why is it important to eliminate harmonics in power systems?

Current and voltage harmonics are directly proportional to the noise transmitted directly to the load. Many household and office equipment can cause harmonics in the power system. Power system harmonics often increase load currents. And related pens such as fluorescent lamps are usually affected by harmonics, resulting in various failures. Motors in particular suffer from it.
Sometimes harmonics in the power system can also be very dangerous, increasing the power delivered to the equipment and causing the temperature of the load to rise, thereby shortening the life of the equipment. In order to solve the problem of harmonics in the power system, we need to re-establish circuit connections to drive non-linear loads, which is what we are talking about in harmonic filters.

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