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Inductance Supplier in China

Shinenergy develops and manufactures custom power frequency and high frequency inductance for all applications. Including AN cooling and water cooling type.


Advantages of Shinenergy's Inductance

Shinenergy’s inductance is widely applied in PV inverters, wind turbine converters, motor driver systems, the main purpose is to reduce the harmonics for meeting the harmonic requirements.

Store Energy for A Short Period
Inductance could store energy for a short period, which will stabilize the current when operating the switch, and remove the harmonics.
Frequency Sensitive
Inductance also called inductors, is frequency sensitive, so it could be widely applied in the circuit that frequency changes frequently.
Reducing Current in AC Circuits without Loss
In AC circuits, inductance is applied for reducing current without any loss of electrical energy.
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Professional Manufacturer for Inductance

Shinenergy is one of the most professional manufacturers of inductance in China,  we have provided tens of thousands of units of inductance these years, and have serviced hundreds of companies from different industries.

One Stop Service for Inductance

From R&D design to production to delivery, Shinenergy provides a one-stop service to our clients. We can help clients turn their requirements into detailed products.

R&D Capability for Transformer
R&D Capability
We can design according to the client's requests because we have our own R&D team, to analyze and make the outline drawing.
Manufacture Service for Transformer
Manufacture Service
We have two factories to manufacture the transformer and inductance, and lots of automatic equipment is applied during the production process to increase efficiency.
We pay more attention to the package including the packing design and packing material so that the product could be in good condition after the long-distance delivery.
Delivery for Transformer
We have some long-term cooperated forwarders to provide a stable delivery service, competitive price, and in-time delivery.
Consulting Service
Consulting Service
With more than 10 years of experience and lots of industrial experts, we provide consulting services from the design and manufacturing,
Customized Service
Customized Service
Due to the different application environments, the material, voltage, and efficiency will be different for the inductance, Shinenergy could provide the customized service for the different kinds of inductance.

Shinenergy's Inductance

Shinenergy inductances are always identified and optimized to customer specifications and are designed for continuous operation, providing high standards of reliability. Perfecting power quality is the goal of Shinenergy’s product design. Shinenergy is the market leader in solar, wind, railway and inverter inductors in the Chinese market. Our product current starts from a few A and the upper limit is about 4000A. We have extensive experience in water and air heat transfer technology.

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