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Also known as the line reactor, electrical reactor, or chokes, Shinenergy’s reactor could be used to minimize inrush current and voltage spikes.


Main Features of Shinenergy's Reactors and EMC Filters

Shinenergy‘s reactors and EMC filters are widely applied in the inverter and motor driver system, reactors are mainly for reducing the harmonics from the electrical circuit and EMC filters are mainly for suppressing EMC and EMI.

Advanced Surface Treatment
Adopt with VPI surface treatment, VPI is the short name of Vacuum Pressure Impregnating, After the VPI process, the insulation performance is good, the temperature rise is reduced, the efficiency is improved, the mechanical strength is increased, etc.
High Level Insulation Class
Shinenergy's reactor could achieve a high level of insulation class, F/155°C, H/180°C, and C/225°C, the high-level insulation class could prevent the reactor from fire or abnormal temperature rise.
Optional Winding Material and Cooling Methods
The winding material could be Aluminum or Copper, and the cooling methods could be AN, AF, Potted, Water cooling, water and wind-heat exchanger.
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Expert for Line Reactor Supply

With more than 10 years of experience, Shinenergy is the expert supplier of line reactors and EMC filters, with unique functions, line reactors are widely applied in different electrical circuits.

Turn-Key Solution for Reactors and EMC Filters

From design, manufacture, packing, delivery, we can provide the turn-key solutions for the reactors and EMC filters for our clients.

R&D Capability for Transformer
R&D Capability
We can design according to the client's requests because we have our own R&D team, and analysis before starting production is necessary.
Manufacture Service for Transformer
Manufacture Service
We have two factories to manufacture the reactors and EMC filters, located in Shanghai and Anhui, lots of automatic equipment guaranteed our output per day.
We pay more attention to the package by well-design and choose the better packing material, so that the product could is in good condition after the long-distance delivery.
Delivery for Transformer
We have some long-term cooperated forwarders to provide a stable delivery service, competitive price and in-time delivery.
Consulting Service
Consulting Service
With more than 10 years of experience and industrial experts, we provide consulting services from the design and manufacturing side.
Customized Service
Customized Service
Due to the different application environments, the material, and voltage of the reactor &EMC filter will be different, customized service could help the client to find the correct products.

Shinenergy's Reactors and EMC Filters

The Shinenergy reactors are electro-magnetic devices that consist of a steel core wrapped with copper coils, reactors could improve the distortion power factor, EMC filters could reduce the interference emissions, which are essential parts that prevent interferences.

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