• 32KHZ AC Inductor
  • 32KHZ AC Inductor-front
  • 32KHZ AC Inductor-Upper
  • 32KHZ AC Inductor
  • 32KHZ AC Inductor-front
  • 32KHZ AC Inductor-Upper

32KHZ AC Inductor

Shinenergy’s 32KHZ AC inductor is one kind of AC inductor that could work in high frequency, with the special structure and advanced materials, the 32KHZ AC inductor with the better performance in the electrical circuit.

  • Amorphous core
  • Copper wire vertical winding
  • Customized specifications such as capacity, ratio, connection type, and so on
  • CE, UL certificated

Amorphous Core

The saturation magnetic flux density of the amorphous core is higher than that of the ferrite core and powder core, magnetic permeability will decrease as the frequency increase, so the working frequency of the inductor with the amorphous core is dozens to hundreds.

Model No. MPR-012
Application PV Inverters
Core Material Amorphous core
Winding Material Copper wire vertical winding
Structure Potted
Rated Current 120A
Frequency 32KHZ
Static inductance 0.13mH
DC bias inductance 0.12mH
Weight 5.5KG
  1. What is a 32kHz AC Inductor?
    • A 32kHz AC inductor is a type of inductor designed to operate optimally at an alternating current (AC) frequency of 32 kilohertz, used in various electronic circuits.
  2. What are the Typical Applications of a 32kHz AC Inductor?
    • These inductors are commonly used in high-frequency power supplies, signal processing, telecommunications equipment, and in specific types of timing circuits.
  3. How Do 32kHz AC Inductors Differ from Other Inductors?
    • They are specifically designed for a 32kHz frequency, which requires particular core materials and winding configurations to minimize losses and maintain efficiency at this frequency.
  4. What are the Key Features of a 32kHz AC Inductor?
    • Key features include high efficiency at 32kHz, a compact design, low electromagnetic interference, and stability under varying load conditions.
  5. How is the Size of a 32kHz AC Inductor Determined?
    • The size is determined by the power handling requirement, the inductance value needed at 32kHz, and the physical constraints of the application.
  6. What Core Materials are Used in 32kHz AC Inductors?
    • Common core materials include ferrite, iron powder, or amorphous cores, chosen for their magnetic properties at high frequencies.
  7. Can 32kHz AC Inductors be Customized?
    • Yes, many manufacturers offer customization options for specific applications, including different sizes, inductance values, and core materials.
  8. What is the Importance of Shielding in 32kHz AC Inductors?
    • Shielding is important to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI), which is crucial in high-frequency applications like communication and precision electronics.
  9. How Do Environmental Conditions Affect 32kHz AC Inductors?
    • They must be designed to withstand the operating environment, including considerations for temperature, humidity, and mechanical stress.
  10. What Maintenance is Required for 32kHz AC Inductors?
    • They typically require minimal maintenance, but regular checks for physical damage and performance degradation are recommended.
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What are the advantages of Shinenergy’s 32KHZ AC inductor?

Shinenergy’s 32KHZ AC inductor is made up of an amorphous core and copper winding, which could achieve lower power loss, small and compact in size, easy to install, the potted structure could avoid moisture, so that 32KHZ AC inductor could be set outside of the PV inverter.

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