• Inductance for UPS
  • Inductance for UPS-Front
  • Inductance for UPS-Side
  • Inductance for UPS
  • Inductance for UPS-Front
  • Inductance for UPS-Side

Inductance for UPS

Made up of powder block core and aluminum wire vertical winding, Shinenergy’s inductance for UPS is a typical inductor, mainly for reducing the current peak and ripples within the circuit, the core and winding material could change according to customer’s requests. Different core and winding materials will lead to different efficiency and cost.

  • Widely applied in energy storage, renewable power, and other related areas
  • Multiple options for core and winding materials
  • Customized specifications such as capacity, ratio, connection type, static inductance and so on
  • CE, UL certificated
Copper Vertical Winding

Automatic Vertical Winding Technology

Automatic vertical winding technology increased the winding speed, and working efficiency, guaranteeing quality stability, therefore reducing the cost, and increasing the output per day.

Store the Energy in Short Period

With an “L” in structure, inductance could store the energy in a short time, so that to reduce the big current once powered up or powered off, which could protect the devices within the electrical circuit well.

Store the Energy
Model No. MPR-001
Application UPS
Core Material Powder Block
Winding Material Aluminum wire vertical winding
Rated Current 330A
Rated Inductance 0.13mH
Frequency 16KHZ

Q1: What’s the function of the inductance for UPS?

A1: The function of the inductance for UPS is to reduce the harmonics, and convey the electricity to magnetic energy to store the energy.

Q2: Why the inductance for UPS is necessary for an electrical circuit?

A2: When powered up or powered off, there is a large current going through the whole electrical circuit, it’s a disaster for some electrical devices when powered up or powered off, the current peak could be reduced when adding an inductance into the electrical circuit.

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What is the inductance for UPS?

The inductance for UPS is one of the typical inductances, which are widely used in electrical circuits, because of the effect of electromagnetic induction in circuits, there is a certain inductance, which could prevent current changes.

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