• Amorphous Core AC Inductor
  • Amorphous Core AC Inductor

Amorphous Core AC Inductor

Shinenergy’s amorphous core AC inductor is the typical  AC inductor with amorphous core, with all properties of AC inductor and performs better compared with the typical AC inductor.

  • Amorphous core
  • Copper foil winding
  • Small and light, compact size
  • Potted structure
Copper foil

Copper Foil Winding

The advantages of copper foil winding: good mechanical strength, not easy to deform, can withstand short-circuit force; good electrical strength, uniform distribution of impact gradient voltage; easy to wind. Shinenergy’s amorphous core AC inductor is with the copper foil winding.

Model No. MPR-013
Application PV Inverters
Core Material Amorphous core
Winding Material Copper foil
Structure Potted
Rated Current 95A
Frequency 16KHZ
Static Inductance 0.2mH
DC Bias Inductance 0.16mH
Weight 3.8KG

Q1: What’s the advantage of amorphous core?

A1: The amorphous core with high saturation magnetization, high permeability, and good temperature characteristics.

Q2: What’s the function of potted structure?

A2: Potted structure makes the amorphous core AC inductor moisture-proof, and it could keep the temperature, and avoid power loss.

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What are the advantages of Shinenergy’s amorphous core AC inductor?

Shinenergy’s amorphous core AC inductor has better temperature rise control than the ferrite core AC inductor. Secondly, the potted structure provided a moisture-proof environment for the AC inductor, making it keep the temperature, not heat loss, and no power loss.

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