• Water Cooled Reactor
  • Water Cooled Reactor

Water Cooled Reactor

Shinenergy‘s water cooled reactor is especially for big power wind turbine converters, adopting water as the cooling medium. Generally, the cooling medium of the dry-type transformer is air or water.

  • H grade insulation class
  • The flow speed is above 10L/min
  • Low temperature rise
  • CE, UL certificated
UL Certification

UL Certified Water Cooled Reactor

Certified by UL E345752, Shinenergy’s water cooled reactor could be applied not only in China but also abroad.

H Grade Insulation Class

The insulation class of Shinenergy’s water cooled reactor is H class, which means the highest temperature could be 135 celsius degrees. The temperature rise could be 90K.

Temperature Class
Model No. MPR-022
Application Wind power generation
Core Material Silicone steel core
Winding Material Aluminum foil
Cooling Method Water Cooling
Rated Current 1000A
Rated Inductance 0.05mH
Switching Frequency 2.5KHZ
Weight 160KG

Q1: What kind of water could be used for the cooling medium of the water cooled reactor?

A1: The water quality is clear and free of impurities. Soft water is best to avoid scaling copper pipes. The water temperature should be less than 29 degrees Celsius, and the maximum should not exceed 32 degrees Celsius. The water volume should be sufficient, and the water pressure should generally be 0.2-0.4Mpa

Q2: What’s the function of the water cooled reactor?

A2: Silimar as the typical reactor, the main functions of the water cooled reactors are to filter out high-frequency harmonics, smooth voltage defects generated during power supply voltage commutation, prevent grid voltage mutations and current impacts caused by operating overvoltages, effectively protect frequency conversion equipment and improve power factor.

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The main features of Shinenergy’s water cooled reactor?

The main features of shinenergy’s water cooled reactor are 1. Water and electricity separated structure, easy to maintain; 2. Using high-quality grain-oriented silicon steel sheet, low loss; 3. It can work in an environment with poor heat dissipation and low-temperature rise.

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