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  • Transformer & Reactor-1

Transformer & Reactor

The transformer could transform and isolate, the reactor could filter the harmonics, the transformer & reactor could isolate, transform the voltage and remove the harmonics within the electrical circuit. The connection is Ynd1 connection, which means high voltage winding is Y connected with the neutral terminal and low voltage winding is delta connected.

  • Change the voltage, step down the high pressure or raise the low pressure
  • Safe isolation, the problem on the primary or secondary side won’t affect another side
  • Safe use of electricity
  • CE, UL certificated
Safe electrical circuit-transformer&reactor

Safe and Stable Operating Electrical Circuit

Transformers could provide a safe working environment, and the reactors could lower the harmonics within the circuit, leading to a safe and stable electrical circuit.

Special Device for the Battery Test System

There is a lot of current flow through the charge and discharge process of the battery, Shinenergy’s transformer & reactor could reduce the peaks of the line current and harmonics.

Battery Test System-transformer & Reactor
Model No. MPT-019
Application Battery Test System
Core Material Silicone Steel
Winding Material Aluminum foil
Efficiency 98.8%
Rated Current 500A
Rated Inductance 0.65mH
Frequency 50/60Hz
Capacity 330KVA
Ratio 380/380V
Connection YNd1
Weight 1250KG

Q1: What’s the difference between the normal transformer and transformer&reactor?

A1: Except the isolation, the transformer & reactor could also remove the harmonics.

Q2: What’s the application of the transformer&reactor?

A2: The transformer&reactor could be applied in battery test systems.

Video Cover for Transformer & Reactor

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What is the Role of the Transformer&Reactor in the Circuit?

Shinenergy’s transformer & reactor is the combined device physically, the purpose is to save space while making full use of transformers and reactors. the transient current change is harmful to the devices within the electrical circuit, the reactor is necessary because it could reduce the peak of the current, considering the safety when operating, the isolation function of the transformer is necessary.

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