• MPP Core AC Inductor
  • MPP Core AC Inductor

MPP Core AC Inductor

Shinenergy’s MPP core AC inductor is one kind of AC inductor, all AC inductors with the similar function but different for different cores and winding materials, MPP core is one kind of power core with advanced characteristics.

  • Copper wire vertical winding
  • Operating in 20KHZ frequency
  • Employ the MPP core
  • Applied for the PV inverters
Excellent Performance

Adopt the MPP Core

MPP cores can be classified according to size, permeability, and temperature stability. In general, a core size that is physically and economically possible should be chosen. Due to the large cross-sectional area and small magnetic flux density, the Q value of the large core is relatively high, the core loss is small, and the window area is large to reduce the copper loss.

Model No. MPR-011
Application PV Inverters
Core Material MPP core
Winding Material Copper wire vertical winding
Rated Current 45A
Frequency 20KHZ
Static Inductance 0.6mH
Weight 0.7KG

Q1: What’s the MPP core?

A1: MPP core made from nickel-iron alloy and molybdenum powders. Approximately 80% of nickel content particles are compacted into toroid shapes.

Q2: If the copper wire winding could be changed into aluminum wire winding?

A2: Surely yes we can change the winding material according to client’s requests.

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What are the advantages of Shinenergy’s MPP core AC inductor?

Shinenergy’s MPP core AC inductor uses the MPP core, so temperature stability is one of its advantages, secondly, MPP core AC inductor uses copper wire vertical winding, copper wire has a higher melting point than aluminum wire, strong short-circuit resistance, large carrying capacity, and high density. The vertical winding coil has good heat dissipation and has a good ability to withstand instantaneous high current.

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