• AC Reactor
  • AC Reactor-Front
  • AC Reactor-Side
  • AC Reactor
  • AC Reactor-Front
  • AC Reactor-Side

AC Reactor

Shinenergy’s AC reactor or line reactor is one kind of traditional product, its main function is to prevent harmonic interference of the power grid.

  • Made up of silicone steel core and aluminum foil
  • The operating frequency is 3KHZ
  • Applied in the AC electrical circuit
  • CE, UL certificated
Important Component

Important Component within the Circuit

AC reactor is also called the line reactor, an important electromagnetic device that could protect motors and VFDs from harmful current and voltage spikes.

Model No. MPR-021
Application Wind power generation
Core Material Silicone steel core
Winding Material Aluminum foil
Rated Current 312A
Rated Inductance 0.5mH
Frequency 3KHZ
Weight 180KG

Q1: What’s the difference between AC reactor and DC reactor?

A1: AC reactors are applied in AC circuits, including three-phase AC reactors and single-phase AC reactors. DC reactors are used in DC system loops, and only single-phase.

Q2: Where is the AC reactor installed?

A2: AC reactor could be installed at the place of the outgoing circuit breaker or at the inverter input.

Video Cover-AC Inductor

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How to ensure the function of AC reactor?

The main function of the AC reactor or Line reactor is to prevent the harmonic interference of the power grid. It is required that its own distributed capacitance should be small, and its resonance point should avoid the suppression frequency range, to reduce the interference voltage, but also ensure that the power frequency voltage drops below 2%, and the power consumption should be small.

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