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Output Reactor

Shinenergy‘s output reactors are mainly used in industrial automation system engineering, especially where frequency converters are used, to extend the effective transmission distance of the frequency converter and effectively suppress the instantaneous high voltage generated when the IGBT module of the frequency converter is switched.

  • Made up of silicone steel core and copper wire
  • Applied for the motor drivers
  • Operated in 50 or 60HZ
  • CE, UL certificated
Main Function

The Main Functions of the Output Reactor

Shinenergy’s output reactor could increase the effective transmission distance of the inverter, and effectively suppress the instantaneous high voltage during IGBT switching.

Reduce Motor Noise

Shinenergy’s output reactor could suppress the harmonic current output by the frequency converter, therefore reduce the motor noise.

Reduce Noise
Model No. MPR-017
Application Motor drivers
Core Material Silicone steel core
Winding Material Copper wire
/ Uk 4%
Rated Current 46A
Rated Inductance 0.64mH
Frequency 50/60HZ
Weight 9.6KG

Q1: When should use the output reactor?

A1: The output reactor is necessary when the output cable between the inverter and the motor is too long.

Q2: What is the output reactor?

A2: The output reactor is also called the loaded reactor, it’s for protecting the motor, it could increase load inductance and reduce the effect of reflected waves.

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How does the output reactor play a part in the circuit?

In order to compensate for the influence of the distributed capacitance of the connecting cable between the inverter and the motor, effectively suppress the output of the harmonic by the inverter, reduce the noise of the inverter, and avoid premature aging of the motor insulation or early damage to the motor. The output reactor installed in the inverter input and output protection circuit is used to reduce the du/dt value at the motor terminal.

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