• PFC Choke
  • PFC Choke-Front
  • PFC Choke-Side
  • PFC Choke
  • PFC Choke-Front
  • PFC Choke-Side

PFC Choke

Shinenergy’s PFC Choke is a high-efficiency product, also called the PFC inductor, PFC choke is made up of a powder block core and aluminum wire.  PFC means power factor correction, which means PFC choke could be used to correct the power factor.

  • Powder block core
  • Aluminum wire vertical winding
  • Applied in the UPS system
  • CE, UL certificated
High efficiency

Most Cost Effective Due to High Efficiency

PFC choke could maximize the power in switch mode power supply circuits by allowing the voltage and current waveforms in the same phase, so it’s with high efficiency, which made it one of the most cost-effective products.

Model No. MPR-002
Application UPS
Core Material Powder block core
Winding Material Aluminum wire vertical winding
Rated Current 550A
Rated Inductance 0.22mH
Frequency 16KHZ

Q1: What’s the powder block core?

A1: Powder block core is a magnetic core produced by a special process from powder made of metal or alloy soft magnetic materials.

Q2: What’s the advantage of vertical winding?

A2: The advantage of vertical winding is even winding, high efficiency, fast speed, reduce costs while improving product quality.

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What are the advantages of Shinenergy’s PFC Choke?

Shinenergy’sPFC choke’s advantages include reducing the harmonics by smoothing the AC waveform, and more of the power available when the power factor increases, therefore, the circuit could be more efficient, and components could be smaller due to less power being wasted.

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