Different Materials for Different Applications

About us

Shinernegy cares about product quality, and quality is critical to us, so better quality material is our first choice, the core material and the winding material will affect the performance of transformers and inductors, the main materials we usually use are copper, aluminum, silicon steel, powder core, Fe-si alloy, Liz wire and so on.

Main Material for Power Frequency Products

  • Silicon Steel
  • Copper wire and foil
  • Aluminum wire and foil

Different grades of silicon steel will affect the noise and the temperature rise of transformers and inductors, according to various requests from working efficiency and cost, we will choose copper or aluminum for our clients.

Material for Power Frequency Products
Material for High Frequency Products

Main Material for Power Frequency Products

  • Fe-si Core
  • Powder Core
  • Liz wire
  • Copper wire
  • Aluminum wire

The main material of Shinenergy‘s high-frequency products is not limited to the materials above, we will choose different materials based on various applications,

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