• K-factor Transformer
  • K-factor Transformer

K-factor Transformer

K-factor transformer also named as K-factor rating transformer, could be applied in the non-linear load electrical circuit, K-factor is a weighting of the harmonic load currents in the light of their effects on the heating of the transformer.

  • Full K rating series(K1,K4,K9,K13,K20) transformers are available in Shinenergy
  • Specially applied in the non-linear load circuit
  • Prevent power system problems the harmonics currents
  • CE, UL certificated
harmonic-K-factor transformer

Outstand Capability of Handling the Harmonic

The main feature of the K-factor transformer is handling the harmonics, with the better capability of handling harmonics compared with the typical transformers, the different K rating number is the indication of the amount of harmonic current that the transformer could handle, output of the K-factor transformer are non-linear load.

Better Temperature Resistance

Shinenergy’s K-factor transformer with better temperature resistance compared with the typical transformers, K-factor transformer won’t overheat when the temperature rises in a short time.

Temperature Resistance-K-factor transformer
Model No. MPT-021
Application Data Center
Core Material Silicone Steel
Winding Material Copper foil
DOE 99.11%
Frequency 50/60Hz
Capacity 450KVA
Ratio (480V+/-2*2.5%)/415V
Connection Dyn11
Weight 1420KG
  1. What is a K-factor Transformer?
    • A K-factor transformer is designed to handle nonlinear loads that produce harmonic currents, reducing the adverse effects these currents can have on the transformer.
  2. What does the K-factor Rating Indicate?
    • The K-factor rating indicates the transformer’s ability to handle harmonic currents without overheating. Higher K-factor ratings mean greater capacity to handle harmonics.
  3. Why are K-factor Transformers Important?
    • They are crucial in applications with nonlinear loads, like those with variable speed drives, computer systems, or LED lighting, where harmonic currents are prevalent.
  4. How Do K-factor Transformers Differ from Standard Transformers?
    • Unlike standard transformers, K-factor transformers have additional features like heavier gauge copper windings and better insulation to withstand the heat generated by harmonic currents.
  5. What are the Common Applications of K-factor Transformers?
    • They are commonly used in commercial buildings, data centers, industrial facilities, and any location with a significant presence of nonlinear electronic devices.
  6. Can a K-factor Transformer Reduce Harmonic Distortion in a System?
    • While they are designed to withstand harmonics, they do not reduce harmonic distortion in the electrical system.
  7. How Do You Determine the Required K-factor for a Transformer?
    • The required K-factor is determined by analyzing the harmonic profile of the electrical load and the transformer’s capacity to handle these harmonics.
  8. Are K-factor Transformers More Expensive than Standard Transformers?
    • Yes, typically they are more expensive due to their specialized design and construction.
  9. What Maintenance Do K-factor Transformers Require?
    • Regular maintenance includes monitoring temperature, checking for unusual noises or smells, and ensuring connections are tight.
  10. Is It Possible to Use a Standard Transformer in Place of a K-factor Transformer?
    • It’s not recommended, as standard transformers are not designed to handle the heat generated by harmonic currents, which can lead to overheating and reduced lifespan.
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Working Principle of the K-factor Transformer

Shinenergy could provide the UL-certified full series K rating transformers. The K-factor is the value that indicates how effectively a transformer could handle the harmonic current, as well as keep the temperature rise within a limits, the main differences between K-factor transformers and typical ones are better temperature rise control and better handling of the harmonic currents.

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