PCIM in Nuremberg, Germany ended successfully

From June 11 to 13, Shinenergy brought the latest full range of magnetic products for PV, energy storage,wind turbine, traction, hydrogen,E-Car and charging system application to the PCIM in Nuremberg, Germany.Large-capacity high-frequency air-cooled and water-cooled transformers, high-current high-frequency potted flat wire vertically wound inductors, integrated transformer and inductor solutions for charging systems, and high-frequency and inductor products for vehicles attracted the most attention and discussion from customers. During the three-day period, we had a warm communication and exchange with nearly 100 global customers and partners, fully affirmed the company’s R&D, service and production capabilities, and many well-known customers confirmed their itinerary to visit the factory. The exhibition ended successfully, and everyone is welcome to visit the factory.

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