Welcome to visit Shinenergy booth to learn about cutting-edge magnetic technology application solutions and trends.

From June 13th to 15th, the 17th (2024) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition (SNEC) was held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. SNEC is the world’s most well-known new energy exhibition, attracting nearly 500,000 participants from all over the world!

Shinenergy brought the latest full range of magnetic products for PV/energy storage system/hydrogen power/charging application to the Shanghai SNEC exhibition, high-frequency and high-current water-cooled substrate potted inductors, a new generation of high-frequency single-coil high-current inductors, energy storage system UL transformers, a new generation of high-power density reactors for MW-level inverters, and high-standard reactors for hydrogen power . Many well-known customer experts came to guide and communicate. The atmosphere was warm. Welcome everyone to come for guidance and communication!

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