Discover excellence in industrial transformers and inductors designed for the future of energy. Shinenergy, an ISO9001-certified leader, prioritizes quality from raw material selection through production to rigorous unit testing. Our experienced engineering team tailors solutions to exceed your application needs, making us a trusted choice for renewable energy, power storage, power generation, and electric quality optimization.


Key Aspects of Our Quality Control in Renewable Energy Solutions:


Raw Material Excellence:

Inductance for UPS

Our commitment to renewable energy solutions begins with selecting the finest raw materials, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your sustainable projects.


ISO9001 Certification for Advancing Power Generation and Storage Technologies:




Benefit from our rigorous quality management practices, underscored by our ISO9001 certification, as we contribute to the advancement of power generation and storage technologies.


Expert Engineering Team for Renewable Energy Applications:


Kick-off Meeting of 2023

Rely on our engineering team’s expertise to design and craft solutions tailored to the unique demands of renewable energy, power storage, and power generation applications.


Advanced Production Quality Control:


Filter Inductor for Power Quality Application

Seamlessly integrated into our processes is advanced production quality control. At every stage, our team ensures precision and consistency, minimizing deviations and optimizing efficiency.


State-of-the-Art Testing Equipment for Electric Quality Optimization:


Strict Quality Control for Inductor

Experience the reliability of our products with a 100% integrity test, employing advanced equipment for renewable energy applications, including winding resistance measurement, TTR measurement, short circuit impedance, loss under load measurement, idling loss, and current measurement.


Test Reports for Transparency in Electric Quality Optimization:


Banner of Certification

Ensure project success with our detailed test reports, providing insights into the quality and performance of your products, essential for electric quality optimization.


Why Choose Shinenergy for Renewable Energy, Power Storage, Power Generation, and Electric Quality Optimization?
  • Uncompromised Quality for Renewable Energy Projects: Elevate your renewable energy projects with Shinenergy’s commitment to excellence in every product.
  • Precision Engineering for Power Storage and Generation Applications: Our engineering team ensures precision in crafting solutions tailored to renewable energy, power storage, and power generation applications.
  • Transparency and Assurance for Electric Quality Optimization: Detailed test reports offer transparency and assurance for electric quality optimization, crucial for the success of your projects.


Partner with Shinenergy for a Sustainable Future:

Shinenergy’s strict quality control practices redefine industry standards, ensuring that your electrical systems operate at their peak. Elevate your expectations with Shinenergy.


Shinenergy – Precision, Quality, Excellence.



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