Liz Wire Transformer: The Secret Weapon of High-Frequency Electronics

Liz Wire Transformer: Providing Efficient Power for High-Frequency Applications 

Transformers are essential parts of electrical circuits because they convert electrical energy between different levels. However, because of phenomena like the proximity effect and skin effect, typical transformers are limited in high-frequency applications. In this situation, Liz wire transformers come into play and provide a dependable and effective high-frequency power conversion solution. This essay delves further into the realm of  Liz wire transformer,  examining their benefits, design, and uses. We’ll also talk about how they get around the problems that traditional transformers have in high-frequency circuits.

Liz Wire Transformer

Knowing Why Liz Wire Transformers Are Necessary 

Because of the skin effect, AC tends to concentrate at high frequencies on a conductor’s outer surface. This process causes the transformer to lose power and increases resistance. Furthermore, a phenomenon called the proximity effect occurs when the magnetic fields of adjacent conductors cause undesired currents to flow through one other. The efficiency of conventional transformers in high-frequency applications is greatly decreased by these effects.

Effective Transformer solutions: 

Every  Liz wire transformer is built with efficiency in mind, demonstrating a dedication to quality and sustainability. These transformers maximize system performance, reduce waste, and optimize power transmission by using the natural qualities of Liz wire. Liz wire transformers provide a dependable and effective option for powering delicate electronic equipment or operating high-power machinery, guaranteeing flawless operation and uncompromising performance in challenging settings.


Shinenergy Liz wire transformer utilizes LLC topology

These transformer from Shinenergy is a sort of dry type transformer that operates at a high frequency of 25 kHz and has two sets of secondary voltages, a small and light design, and Liz wire wrapping. The Liz wire transformer from Shinenergy has an LLC topology that uses zero-voltage switching (ZVS) soft switching technology. This technology offers several benefits, including high operating frequency, low loss, high efficiency, compact size, and the ability to enhance the charger’s power density. Soft switching is made possible by the transformer’s resonant design, which minimizes switching losses throughout the full load spectrum. It thus becomes the best option for designs requiring high frequency and high-power density, is appropriate for fixed voltage output, and has superior EMI properties.

Liz Wire: What Is It?

Liz wire is a specifically constructed conductor consisting of many twisted, thin, insulated wire strands. This unusual design has several benefits:

Reduced Skin Effect :

Liz wire reduces resistance and power losses by lessening the skin effect by spreading the current more equally throughout the conductor’s whole cross-section.

Minimized Proximity Effect:

By lessening the influence of nearby magnetic fields, the thin strands and the insulation between them serve to minimize proximity effect losses.

Construction of Liz Wire Transformers

Liz wire is used in the windings of transformers, usually for the main and secondary coils. Depending on the intended uses and qualities, different building features may be used. This is an overview in general:


The material that makes up the core, which is typically silicon steel laminations, is essential for reducing core losses at high frequencies.


To achieve the desired frequency range and power output, Liz wire is meticulously wound onto the core with the number of strands, strand diameter, and winding pattern all carefully considered.


To stop undesired current courses, appropriate insulation materials are utilized between the strands of Liz wire, between windings, and between windings and the core.


The transformer may be encapsulated, depending on the application, to increase mechanical stability and offer environmental protection.


What are the benefits of Liz Wire Transformer?


Liz wire transformer  has several important advantages over traditional transformers.

Enhanced Efficiency :

These wire transformers provide a notable increase in efficiency, particularly at high frequencies, by reducing the effects of skin and proximity. This results in less heat production and less power losses.

Enhanced Power Density :

These wire transformers’ compact design is made possible by their ability to manage higher power levels in a smaller footprint, which is made possible by their efficient functioning.

Reduced Operating Temperature:

The transformer’s longevity and dependability are increased by lower power losses, which also lead to cooler operating temperatures.

Greater Frequency Range:

When compared to their traditional equivalents, these wire transformers can function across a greater range of frequencies.


What are the Applications of Liz Wire Transformer?

Because of their exceptional performance, these wire transformers are perfect for a wide range of high-frequency applications, such as:

Switch-Mode Power Supplies (SMPS):

SMPS are widely used in electronic devices, such as mobile phones and computers, and they must convert power efficiently at high frequencies. This need is satisfied by these wire transformers, which provide steady and dependable power transmission.

Radio Frequency (RF) Circuits:

Circuits operating at high frequencies are known as radio frequency (RF) circuits, and they are utilized in wireless devices and communication systems. These wire transformers reduce power losses and offer effective signal coupling.


Often operating at high frequencies, inverters transform DC electricity into AC power. These wire transformers provide minimum losses and effective power conversion in inverter circuits.

Induction Cooktops:

For effective heat generation and power transfer, the high-frequency coils of induction cooktops rely on these wire transformers.

Medical Equipment:

High-frequency transformers are used in some medical equipment, such as MRI machines. These gadgets operate more efficiently and produce less heat because of the Liz wire structure.


Shinenergy has a large selection of dry-type transformers available appropriate for a range of uses. Because they do away with the skin and proximity effects that limit conventional transformers in high-frequency applications,  Liz wire transformer  is a great option for a variety of electronic and electrical devices. With a focus on excellent performance, Shinenergy is a top supplier of electromagnetic and power quality solutions with headquarters in China. Transformers, reactors, and filters, among other conventional and customized electromagnetic components, are among the many applications for our goods . We uphold the highest standards for quality, speed of service, and cutting-edge technology.




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