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In 2014 sixteenth session of Chinese Expo promotional work in full swing

The sixteenth China Industry Fair will be held November 4, 2014 -8, held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, a total of "CNC machine tools andMetalworking Exhibition", "industrial automation exhibition", "industrial environmental protection technology and equipment exhibition", "information and communication technology exhibition", "new energy and Power Electronics Show", "energy saving and new energy automobile exhibition", "industrial robot exhibition", "innovation of science and Technology Exhibition" eightprofessional exhibition.

In 2014 sixteenth session of China International Industry Fair in order to"Twelfth Five Year" development program and 2014-2016 three year action plan is a blueprint, to upgrade the "core competitiveness and influenceChinese Expo" as the goal, and strive to do a new continuous progress,innovation "the Botswana China will". The sixteenth Chinese Expo planning exhibition area and the 15 China Expo quite basic, exhibitors. The ratio of3:4:3 is planning, overseas exhibitors area of not less than 30%, enterprises outside the exhibition area of about 40%, the city of Shanghai business exhibition area of about 30%.

1) NC machine tools and Metalworking Exhibition

Exhibit categories: metal cutting machine tool, metal shaping machine tool,special processing machine tool, machine tool parts, testing equipment andfolder measuring etc..

2) Industrial Automation Show

Exhibit categories: production automation, process automation, industrial automation information system and control software.

3) industrial robot exhibition

Exhibit categories: welding, spraying, handling, stacking, assembly and otherindustrial robot, the overall solution robot related accessories, machine vision,system scheme.

5) information and Communication Technology Exhibition

Exhibit categories: Wisdom City solutions, mobile Internet, cloud computing /data, information security, network communication technology, software and system integration, model display. 6) industrial environmental protectiontechnology and Equipment Exhibition

6) industrial environmental protection technology and Equipment Exhibition

Exhibit categories: industrial cleaning, industrial cleaning, energy saving technology and equipment, industrial waste water / gas / solid waste treatment technology and equipment, the circular economy technology and equipment etc..

7) energy-saving and New Energy Vehicles Exhibition

7) energy-saving and New Energy Vehicles Exhibition

Exhibit categories: pure electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, hybrid electric vehicle, alternative energy vehicles and vehicle drive system, auto parts,charging equipment, etc..

8) the innovation of science and Technology Exhibition

8) the innovation of science and Technology Exhibition

Exhibit categories: display and industrial application of scientific achievements.

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