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SNEC eighth (2014) international solar energy PV projects (Shanghai) exhibition and Forum

The Shanghai PV "NPC and CPPCC" is held in the internationalPV market amidst the winds of change of the situation. However,there are still more than 1600 photovoltaic enterprises in more than 90 countries and regions come to the exhibition, the exhibition area of 150000 square meters, professional audience of 150000 people. The exhibition the whole species, level is high, more than before each session.

In is called the "Oriental photovoltaic Davos" SNEC2013 Photovoltaic Conference, the participating experts still star atUniversity of New South Wales in Australia super efficientphotovoltaic proteomics research center director, "the father ofmodern world PV" said Professor Martin GREEN, the Singaporesolar energy (SERIS) director Armin ABERLE Professor ledmore than 200 famous scholar in the world experts andphotovoltaic industry's top CEO for this Congress 15 branchmade a wonderful speech.

In the "NPC and CPPCC" on the occasion, including CCTV,Xinhua news agency, people's daily, more than 100 Chinese and foreign comprehensive or professional mediacorrespondents rushed to the scene, the exhibition of SNECwas reported and attention.

Many of the attention and support of the people, for the development and utilization of solar energy prospects expectednot only did not reduce, but also pay attention to more deeply,more extensive, more realistic. Also shows, all of our SNECexhibition not only maintained the enthusiasm, but also have a greater hope!

Therefore, special thanks to the photovoltaic industry alliance to participate in this exhibition, without your support, there is nosuch a successful exhibition, you do not insist, no PV industry a bright future. We look forward to the 2014 May 20-22 day we meet again, we look forward to the future in 1 steps to strengthen cooperation, as China and even the worldphotovoltaic industry better and faster development, and make greater contribution.

Display the contents (exhibit category):

A, PV production equipment:

Ingot / block production equipment: a full set of production line,casting furnace, crucible, growth furnace, other related equipment

Wafer production equipment: a full set of production line, cutting equipment, cleaning equipment, testing equipment, and otherrelated equipment

Cell production equipment: a full set of production line, etching equipment, cleaning equipment, diffusion furnace, coating / deposition equipment, screen printing machine, other furnace equipment, testing and sorting machine, and other related equipment

Battery plate production equipment / components: a full set of production line, testing equipment, glass cleaning equipment,wiring / welding equipment, laminating equipment etc.

Thin film solar cell board production equipment: amorphous silicon solar cells, copper indium gallium selenium cell 2CIS/CIGS, cadmium telluride thin film solar cell CdTe, dye sensitized solar cell DSSC production technology andequipment research

B, photovoltaic cells: photovoltaic cell manufacturer, battery components manufacturers, battery assembly business, agents,dealers and distributors, the concentrator cell etc.

C, photovoltaic parts: battery, charger, controller, transducer,recorder, inverter, monitor, support system, tracking system,solar cable etc.

D, photovoltaic raw materials: silicon material, silicon ingot /silicon, silicon, glass packaging, packaging film, other raw materials

E, PV application products: lamp products, power supply system, water pump, solar mobile charger, home furnishingproducts and other solar products

F, photovoltaic engineering and system integration: photovoltaicsystem, solar air conditioning system, the photovoltaic power generation system, detection and control system of solar energy, solar heating systems, solar photovoltaic engineeringprocess control and project management and softwaredevelopment system

G, solar thermal power generation system: parabolic trough solar thermal power generation, solar thermal power tower, the dish solar thermal power generation, solar chimney power generation etc.

Part of the mainstream media:

CCTV, Zhejiang TV, Jiangsu TV, the first financial daily, the economic observer, China business, securities times, China Youth Daily, Liberation Daily, Wen Wei Po, daily economic news, international business daily, Jinling Evening News,technology news, China Economic Herald, China businessnews, Oriental Morning Post, the times building, Shanghai daily,Shanghai daily, Shanghai financial news, Shanghai Daily MediaCo. Ltd., Hongkong Ta Kung Pao, new financial magazine,Xinhua news agency, the new times, the Yangtse Evening Post,the Pudong times, modern express, China new energy network,ENF, photovoltaics etc.

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