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The 2013 China International Industry Fair - new energy and electric power development in the Asian

The new energy and Power Electronics Exhibition - ExhibitionInvitation

In 2013 November 5-9 day in Shanghai New International Expo Center

Organizers: National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of education, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of engineering, China Trade Promotion Committee, Shanghai Municipal People's Government

Co organizer: China Machinery Industry Federation, ChinaSociety of electrical engineering, Shanghai Electric Power Industry Association

Organizer: Shanghai East International Service Trade (Group)Co. Ltd.

[trade show, new energy, electric power, smart grid technology and equipment of international event]

This year for the "Twelfth Five Year" third years, new energy and electric power industry has been referred to a new height."Twelfth Five Year Plan" pointed out the need to accelerate the development of new energy sources, promote the efficient use of traditional energy clean, strengthen power grid construction,the development of smart grid. By 2020, new energyconsumption will reach 12%-13%, efficient and clean energy and "green" energy-saving electric power technology will become the main direction of development, unlimited business opportunities. In addition, with the comprehensive construction of the smart grid and offshore wind power projects, electric power industry upgrade will inevitably, on high, fine, sharptechnology and product demand will increase steadily. So, 2013 is the starting point and the new opportunities for new energyand electric power industry, it is the best opportunity for major equipment manufacturers to develop the market and tradenegotiations.

2013 new energy and Power Electronics Show (Energy Show 2013) is a professional exhibition "fifteenth session of ChinaInternational Industry Fair" under the one for power, electricaland new energy technology, in order to electric field: from power generation, substation, transmission and distribution to end-users of electricity provides a procurement, sales, technology exchange trading platform.

In 2013 November 5-9 day, new energy and electric power development in the Asian first-class modern exhibition hall -- the Shanghai New International Expo Center ushered in a newevent. Along with the same other eight thematic exhibition will bemore than 2000 exhibitors, 110000 professional visitors scalewaiting for your participation.

[] well-known exhibitors

The State Grid, China Huadian, Huaneng Group, China Power Construction Group, ABB, Siemens, Schneider, GE, Toshiba,Mitsubishi, Danfoss, Emerson, Fuji, Honeywell, LS, Eaton electric, the electricity production of delta CIMIC electronics,electro, Feinikesi, Wade Miller, Man Nai Keith, Wan electronics,Advantech, Shihlin Electric, Shanghai electric, HEC Group, West Electric Group, TBEA, CHINT group, China Electric Power Research Institute, XJ Group, Print-Rite group, the Great Wall electrician, electric confidence, Siyuan electric, Naijie electric,Nader, Huatong Electromechanical, hang Shen holdings, the people of Beijing, Changshu, Shanghai branch switch, Noah g,Trina Solar, the Jiangxi Yingli, LDK, Naka Mihiro, Hua Rui,combined power, Ming Yang, gold wind technology, Shenyang Yuanda, Hefei sunlight, BYD etc..

[meeting] Forums

The exhibition will be held more than a "year-end drama"inventory of 2013 new energy and power industry,organizational power leader in exchange the latest technical information. Shanghai Donghao (Group) Co. Ltd. as the only units in China International Industry Fair, combined with a number of well-known media and industry associations, the multifield high level forum, such as:

1, 2013 smart grid technology and equipment seminar 2, 2013China offshore wind power construction (Shanghai) Summit Forum

3, the 2013 power transmission and distribution technology 4,2013 new energy and green power technology seminar

[range] Exhibition

New energy power generation area

Solar power generation technology and equipment: solar power systems, solar PV membrane plate / components, solar energyproducts, solar battery, solar photovoltaic modules /components for exterior wall and roof, solar energy water supply system and products, photovoltaic lighting system, solar cell;

Wind power generation technology and equipment: wind turbine, wind turbine equipment and components, leaf and its related materials, scenery complementary power generation system, the lightning protection system, wind water pumpingunit, control system, remote monitoring system, offshore wind power equipment and technology;

Nuclear power technology and equipment: Island, reactor and cooling system, core fuel, nuclear fuel assembly, regulator,conventional island, turbine, steam turbine, generator,transformer, condenser, separator, nuclear power, nuclear power battery paint.

Transmission and distribution and Smart Grid Pavilion

New energy power grid: the grid connected inverter, HVDCequipment, operation monitoring device, control system;

Transmission and distribution equipment: intelligent switchgear,circuit breakers, transformers, transformer, intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances, digital substation, transmission and distribution equipment online monitoring, fault diagnosis and self-healing device, flexible power transmission equipment,power quality monitoring, harmonic prevention and reactive power compensation, superconducting technology, model of wire and cable, composite insulator,, lightning arrester, electric power fittings;

Intelligent power dispatching and automation control: smart griddispatching system, intelligent distribution automation system,substation automation, network security and control, integrationcontrol protection and arc line selection system, remote controldevice, large screen display system, power system simulation;

Smart grid information and communication: networkcommunication power solutions, industrial Ethernet, fiber optic cable, power line carrier, wireless communication, information system platform, database, software, infrastructure;

The electric energy metering and power management:intelligent electric energy meter, remote / meter, electric energy data acquisition, load management terminal, monitoring system,test equipment, metering cabinet / component, sensor,semiconductor;

Electric energy storage: all kinds of energy storage technology and equipment, battery (battery, flow batteries, sodium sulfur battery, lithium ion battery, Ni MH battery, super capacitor, etc.).

Electrical equipment and Equipment Exhibition

Electrical equipment and materials: cable manufacturing andfinishing machinery, CNC bus processing, processing equipment, switch cabinet, transformer core production line,insulating material, electromagnetic wire, electrical alloy etc.;

Electrical accessories: cabinet, cable accessories / fittings,wiring terminals, connectors, wiring equipment, industrial plugs / sockets;

Construction equipment and safety protection: electric power construction equipment, construction vehicles, engineering machinery, maintenance tools, high-altitude operation car / Taiwan, scaffolding, electrical safety equipment, personal protective equipment.

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